Casey is a husband, father and Chicago designer.

His favorite song is Nature Boy. He bikes to work everyday - rain or shine. One time he was accused of being a spy (he's not).

If you want to start a conversation, hear a dad joke or explain how the hell you have the same name as him, send an email to caseymhudetz at gmail.



Frequently Asked Questions


+ Where is all of your work?

I know. I know. I haven’t taken the time to update it in a while. If you’re interested in seeing a real portfolio, send me an email.

+ Have you ever actually done anything creative?

That tone. Jeez. But yes - I have given talks. I’ve produced a lot of short films (Award Winning! Documentaries! Random!). I wrote a lot when I traveled through my 20s and drew a comic for my college newspaper. Plus a boatload of other projects.

+ What are you up to these days?

Well my son Henry - man is he growing. Everyday it’s something new an—

+ I meant professionally.

Oh! Right. Right. I am currently employed as a senior experience designer at Digitas in Chicago. And I teach UX classes at General Assembly. And my friend and I are working on a book.

+ What makes you laugh?

Physical humor. Wordplay. My son.

+ Again - I don’t care about your family.

That's not a question.

+ What makes you cry?

What kind of interview is this?

+ Well?!

Any video that shows a child getting their hearing back or seeing for the first time. Just waterworks. I’m tearing up while I write this.

+ What are your goals?

I want to set foot on Antarctica before it melts so I can say I’ve been to all seven continents. Also - ride a tandem bike one day.

+ Why aren’t you on social media? How am I supposed to stalk you?

Social media makes me feel like garbage. What was that about stalking?

+ Nothing.

Wait - What's that sound? I locked that door! Hey! What the!

+ Shhhh - struggling will only make it worse.

Help! Someone! ;alskjdf;laslkasdfl